Development and customisation of AI

Building and training AI models

This service offers the design and training of custom artificial intelligence models, using both open source technologies and proprietary solutions.

Vectorisation of databases

We transform your textual data into digital vectors, enabling it to be analysed and processed more efficiently by AI models.

Internal search engines

We create in-house search engines using LLMs to analyse and interact with your data, providing faster, more secure access to relevant information and improving the effectiveness of decision-making in your organisation.

Expert agents

We offer the development of intelligent expert agents for in-depth analysis and decision-making based on your data. We can also help you structure your dataset and create briefs to train your AI.

Our Use Cases

# Creation of an Internal Search Engine

Type of use case : Agent/Data
Sector : Energy, Building and civil engineering

Implementation of a personalised expert agent, using LLMs fine-tuning to analyse and interact with its internal data. The aim is to obtain precise and relevant insights from company data, thanks to natural language queries.

Une image dynamique et futuriste illustrant un centre de recherche sur l'intelligence artificielle. On y voit des scientifiques et des techniciens, hommes et femmes, en interaction avec des écrans de données avancées et des représentations holographiques de planètes et d'engrenages. Ils semblent engagés dans le développement et la personnalisation de systèmes d'IA, travaillant dans un environnement moderne équipé de technologies de pointe.



Best practice

Platform/ Technology

Use of artificial intelligence models with an AWS/Azure cloud infrastructure for optimum performance. Finetuning using Axolotl and llama-index to create a relevant dataset. Using Playwright to scrape data from the internet.

Points of attention

Do not underestimate the resources required (GPUs) for fine-tuning and maintaining the model.

For more information on the models we train and publish, click here.

# Vectorisation and Advanced Document Analysis

Secteur : Processing and Analysis of Legal Documents

Bureau moderne avec un ordinateur affichant un logiciel d'IA pour la vectorisation et l'analyse de documents légaux, mettant en lumière le développement et la personnalisation d'IA.


The need to process and analyse voluminous legal documents efficiently, in order to ask specific questions and find coherence in information scattered over many pages.


Using AI to vectorise documents. This technology makes it possible to ask questions directly of documents, with the AI searching for and finding relevant answers, even if they are scattered over several pages.

Results & KPIs

Significantly improve access to and analysis of coherent and relevant information in complex legal documents.

Your questions about AI Development and Customisation


We design and train custom artificial intelligence models that integrate with existing systems, using open source technologies and proprietary solutions to improve decision-making and operational efficiency.

Our in-house search engines use LLMs to analyse and interact with your data, providing fast, secure access to relevant information and improving the efficiency of your organisation’s decision-making processes.

We develop intelligent expert agents that provide in-depth analyses and decisions based on your data. We also help you structure your dataset and create briefs to optimise the training of your AI.

Our vectorisation service transforms your textual data into digital vectors for more efficient analysis and processing by AI models, facilitating applications such as semantic search and automatic language processing.

Developing customised AI solutions enables companies to innovate and optimise their operations, which is crucial to remaining competitive in a world undergoing rapid digital transformation.

Our AI models are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, maximising efficiency without disrupting day-to-day operations, with solutions tailored specifically to your infrastructure and operational needs.

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