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TW3 Partners is a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation, committed to providing innovative and customized digital strategies. Our mission is to integrate advanced technologies such as generative artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, as well as blockchain/tokenization and big data to adapt and enhance our clients’ operations across various sectors.

TW3 Partners’ approach, which aims for bespoke adaptation to each industry, ensures an efficient digital transition and is aligned with the specific objectives of businesses.

Furthermore, our expertise in digital marketing, which is powered by AI, seeks to optimize return on investment. This is achieved by refining market segmentation and customer targeting. We use advanced methods to automate processes and personalize communication, thereby ensuring a deeper and more effective connection with the clientele.

In addition, TW3 Partners actively contributes to the dissemination of knowledge about new technologies.

We produce reports, market studies, and thus share strategic analyses. Moreover, by using conferences and webinars, we enrich the understanding of the sector. Our training workshops, designed to align team skills with the latest innovations, are followed, consequently, by post-training follow-up to assess their impact.

On one hand, at TW3 Partners, our commitment to digital innovation, and on the other hand, customer satisfaction guide our mission. As a result, we constantly aim to improve operational efficiency in the digital age.

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Meet our team

André-Louis Rochet

Manager, Digital Transformation Expert

Paul Lemaistre

Lead Developer, LangChain Expert

Simon Roburin, PhD

AI Expert

Francesco Bullini

Engineer, Information Systems/NLP&ML Expert

Angela Procoli, PhD

Strategy & Partnership Advisor

Ludovica Scaramucci

Head of Communications & Marketing

Léo Appourchaux

AI Engineer Intern

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